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Wednesday 03 November 2021

Interview: Natasha Granger & Kerrie Thomason Unravel The Mysteries Of Komedia Brighton Bound Hit Spoof Horror Musical Scream Phone

Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2019 musical Scream Phone returns to Komedia Brighton, this month, and Natasha Granger and Kerrie Thomason, co-writers and performers reveal all about the hit spoof horror musical.

Q/ Firstly, can you tell us what Scream Phone is about?

Kerrie Thomason (KT): Without giving too much away, Scream Phone is a spoof horror musical, which starts as an innocent sleepover for three American teens, however you'll quickly learn not everything is what it seems. 

When the mysterious voice coming from the Dream Phone takes a sinister turn, from playful riddles to terrifying threats, will the girls work out who's behind all of it before it's too late? 
Natasha Granger (NG): Think 'Scream' meets 'Clueless' with an 80s inspired soundtrack! 

Q/ Can you tell us about the characters you play?

NG: The characters in Scream Phone are based on the stereotypes you see in every rom-com and horror movie from the 80s and 90s. 

Yes we've seen these characters before but that's part of what makes them so funny! 

There's the bitchy cheerleader, the dumb naive one, and the nervous nerd but they all have…wait for it…a dark secret! Dun dun DUUUNN!

Q/ Scream Phone draws extensively on culture from the late 20th century. What inspired the show, and what were your biggest references and influences?

NG: Scream Phone all came about one night when me and Kerrie were staying in my childhood room drinking wine, and playing my favourite game as a kid; Dream Phone. 

For those who don't know the game, it's like Cluedo but instead of the lead piping there's a giant pink phone, and instead of a murderer you"re working out who your crush is. 

It is brilliant but also a little bit sinister, hence why we thought it would make a brilliant theme for a horror musical. 

We love old slasher films like Scream and Halloween and find the tropes and clichés so funny, so mixing that with a banging 80s pop playlist was a winner for us! 

Q/ Your previously acclaimed show, 2 Become 1, focused on girl groups and female friendship, and Scream Phone has similar themes. Why is it important to you to stage female-centric stories? 

NG: We write what we would love to see, and it is so important to us to champion women's stories and put them front stage and centre. Women are HILARIOUS, yet men still dominate the comedy circuit, so we want to create funny, female-led theatre that breaks boundaries and is also an excellent night out. 

Q/ What's been the most surprising to you about drawing from the horror/video nasties genre?

(KT): The most surprising thing about drawing from our favourite horror films was just how easy it was to transfer the classic horror clichés into comedy. 

I think it plays a lot into the characters' reactions to the situations forced upon them which create these hilarious scenarios - ignoring the overpowering threat of death to argue about who's the prettiest so "should die first" is an example that springs to mind.

Scream Phone at Komedia Brighton on Friday 26th November 2021. CLICK HERE for tickets.

by: Mike Cobley & Pete B


The First Release of Brighton Fringe events will feature comedy from Paralympic, World Championship and European Championship dressage medallist Ricky Balshaw; Love and Money, a play by internationally-acclaimed writer Dennis Kelly and the return of award-winning comedy actress Joanna Neary with a show based on her comedy podcast Wife On Earth.

On the 21st December hundreds of people will walk 5k to support the NSPCC. Landmarks across the UK, including the BA i360 in Brighton and Lancing College Chapel are also supporting the charity by lighting up and turning the NSPCC's trademark green colour.

Creative Learning at Theatre Royal Brighton runs a programme of workshops, performances, talks, tours and events alongside the shows on its stage. 

Mr Bruce - former frontman of The Correspondents - marks the start of his solo career in spectacular style with the release of Race To Nowhere [Part One], and a date at Brighton's Green Door Store.

Following last year’s virtual sing-along, Brighton Festival Chorus (BFC) returns to the stage for its annual Christmas Concert at Brighton Dome on Sunday 12 December at 4pm. 
Credit Vicki McManus

Budding young circus performers are preparing to take to the stage at Brighton Dome this December, with help from professional artists from Circolombia.

When the lights go up at the start of the performances of Riverdance: The New 25th Anniversary Show at The Brighton Centre next month, the excitement will be palpable, not just from the audience but very much from all the performers too.

The Beatles famously turned their back on touring towards the end of their career but The Bootleg Beatles, due to Covid, as with the rest of the industry were forced into an unwanted hiatus. 
Credit David-Geli

Komedia has teamed up with leading independent comedy promoters Little Wander for a fresh take on their weekend stand-up comedy offering.

After years spent living on opposite sides of the Atlantic world events threw Laura Mary Carter and Steven Ansell of Brighton's Blood Red Shoes back together into what has become the must fruitful era of their 17 years together. 
Florin and Charlie

Over one-hundred Brighton residents have been offered full or part time roles on-site at the £120 million Edward Street Quarter development as part of an ongoing social value commitment to support the local community.

The South-East's largest charity supporting vulnerable young people, YMCA DownsLink Group, has launched its Christmas fundraising appeal
Credit Vic Frankowski

Brighton city centre will once again be filled with a sea of colour and creativity as thousands of school children, teachers and volunteers celebrate the return of the Brighton Festival Children's Parade after a two-year gap on Saturday 7th May 2022.
Credit Rosie Powell

This year, Towner Eastbourne invited members of the LGBTQIA+ community in East Sussex to take part in a unique creative project, exploring personal responses to artworks in the Towner Collection, through a queer lens. 

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