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Wednesday 18 October 2017

Better The Daredevil You Know: Stunt Rider Travis Pastrana On Nitro Circus' Forthcoming Tour

Travis Pastrana and his Nitro Circus are already eyeing up their 2018 You Got ThisEuropean Tour – kicking off in November. And this time around, the stunts will be bigger, the ramps will be larger, and the stakes will be much, much higher.

It's not often that, one day prior to an interview, the interviewee has been willingly wading headlong into a life and death situation. 

But stunt rider Travis Pastrana isn't your average interviewee – which explains why he was in London for the sole reason of completing a world-record setting backflip. Between two moving barges on the Thames.

Set against the backdrop of the O2 arena – where Travis will be heading in November 2018 with his fearless cadre of stunt riders, Nitro Circus – Pastrana pulled off the incredible wheeled feat with aplomb. 

And all the more impressive was the fact that the last person to attempt such a stunt ended up in hospital with a broken vertebrae.

For the small crowd of onlookers it was but a taste of what to expect when Nitro Circus screech into town next year – and Pastrana is positively champing at the bit to get started.

"This the first tour that I'm really taking back creative control and really stepping up the ramps," enthuses the 34-year-old. 

"Hopefully that'll step up the riding. Definitely the heightened elevation amplitude is going to be way bigger on this tour. So I'm really pumped." 

And it's not just fans who will be experiencing a suitably amped-up version of the"action sport collective' which Pastrana helped found in 2009. 

Some of the regular riders are also having to adapt to the Maryland-native's vision of what will surely be the Circus' craziest tour to date.

"We've ended the two the last two years with similar tricks," Pastrana explain

"So the tricks we've ended those shows with have got to be our starter tricks for this tour. 

"And that's kind of where the joke came from - the You Got This Tour - 'cos everyone was like 'yeah, I might skip out on this tour, it's looking a bit sketchy...' and I'm like 'no, no, you got this!'

"So I've been calling around, and we've got the ramps built, and all the riders have had their input and now we're all going to sit down, and work on tricks. The biggest tricks we do this year are the base tricks for the following year."

Fortunately for Pastrana, he has a wealth of riding talent who can be relied on to handle anything that is thrown at them. From BMXs, to scooters, and even kayaks, the daredevils who make up Nitro Circus are those at the very pinnacle of their respective fields.

"Everyone always asks me how do you pick your riders, and it's simple: they're either the best in the world at what they do, or they're willing to do something that no one is willing to do," agrees Pastrana. 

"We try to bring in some local talent, everywhere we go. There's a really good riding background in England, which is awesome, but for the most part we keep our same riders because they're the best.

"Everyone thinks you've got to be crazy to do this stuff, but the crazy ones are hurt too much to ever really become great. 

"So I think the key attribute is good analysis of risk and reward, and when the crowd's on their feet and everyone's pumped, it's to understand where your limits are. 

"Almost everyone of us is a little over-confident, we believe we can do more than we can, but that's what makes it fun as well!"

The Nitro Circus 'You Got This' tour will be at London 02 on 23rd November 2018. For info on this, and other dates, CLICK HERE.

by: Mike Cobley


Whats on in Brighton today

While touring the UK in November 2016, American songwriter Amelia White viewed the bitterly divisive election season back home via the BBC, and from a promoter's attic began to complete the songs on her album, Rhythm Of The Rain. 

Stone Foundation's new album, Everybody, Anyone, was recorded at Paul Weller's Black Barn Studios in Surrey and features a sprinkling of guest musicians.

For too long festivals have been too male and now Byline Festival is doing something beyond the usual rhetoric….

The flamboyant world of Brighton in the 1880s and back-street life of the 1930s and 50s are the focus of two new books from community publisher QueenSpark Books.

Reading the wonderful new Ronnie Lane oral biography, Can You Show Me A Dream?, it would be easy for the reader to be left with the impression that Ronnie's life cycle had been a wild journey with a sad ending. But for Ronnie the journey hadn't ended. The letter had left the envelope, that's all.

Black Deer Festival takes place in the beautiful surroundings of Eridge Park, Britain's oldest deer park, located on the Kent/East Sussex border near Tunbridge Wells, and you can expect an array of authentic americana-style meats, smokey whiskeys, bespoke custom bike showcases, storytellings from cultural pioneers, not to mention a line-up of artists across the Americana, blues, roots, authentic country, folk and bluegrass genres.  

The RPMs new single Let Things Happen raises the bar significantly for this young Brighton band. 
(c) Tom Sheehan 2018

Del Amitri return this summer for a UK tour, the celebrated Glaswegian band's first run of dates since 2014.

Albert Hammond Jr's latest album Francis Trouble explores a deeply personal topic – the stillborn death of his twin brother, Francis, and the lingering effects that event has had in his life and music. 

Sea Life Brighton has issued an urgent appeal for the public to become more responsible with their waste after collecting a record amount of rubbish on Brighton beach. 

One-hundred years on from the first women in the country being granted the right to vote, Brighton Dome has been officially recognised as one of forty-one buildings across England that were at the centre of suffragette action.

Joan Armatrading is a woman of candour – not to mention can do. She gets straight to the heart of the matter, and she delivers.

The drama and magic of Glyndebourne Festival provide the inspiration for a new children’s book, The Mulberry Bees.

Fusing powerful song writing with musical flare, Brighton-based Hatful of Rain combine their English, Celtic and American inspirations to great effect on their new album. 

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