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Thursday 06 February 2020

Recording Stories Of Prejudice & Adversity Overcome For First Annual LGBT History Month

This month will henceforth be earmarked as an opportunity to celebrate and share stories of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender history, and the history of gay rights and related civil rights movements across the UK.
Credit Andy Sturmey

The creation of LGBT History Month is a momentous occasion for the community and society as a whole, and is a cause for celebration. 

However, the purpose of LGBT History Month is not only to celebrate LGBT history and achievements, but also to record the difficulties faced by members of the community, many of whom have endured, and continue to endure, extreme prejudice, discrimination and even violence. 

Rutger Bruining is CEO of StoryTerrace, a biography-writing service connecting everyday people with professional ghostwriters to have their life stories brought to life. 

StoryTerrace are using the power of storytelling and autobiographies to help LGBT individuals document their experiences and share it with their families, friends and future generations, to educate, raise awareness and normalise. 

Now, he discusses the importance of LGBT History Month and shares insight into how recording histories and storytelling is a vital tool for developing further understanding and education: 

"It is extremely inspiring and positive to see the creation of LGBT History Month. 

"Honouring and documenting LGBT history is a more than worthy cause - sometimes this involves having difficult conversations and facing unsettling, hard truths, but it is vital that we do this to keep history from repeating itself and to ensure that we learn from our past mistakes.

"Firstly, many LGBT individuals have faced and continue to face discrimination and prejudice, and in some cases contend with physical threats as well as mental health problems as a result. 

"Documenting these experiences and events will help to create an invaluable tool to educate future generations on vital social issues. 

"Secondly, the act of documenting one's own tragedies and triumphs can have a profoundly therapeutic effect for both the subject, and also other readers who may be able to empathise and take inspiration or solace by learning about the experience of others. 

"Finally, in today's society we live in a veritable melting pot of cultures, races and backgrounds; documenting and celebrating LGBT history and culture is a key factor in helping us to overcome our differences, inspiring us to unite and strengthen our sense of community and civilisation.

"One thing that few of us consider is the power within the lessons and experiences that we can take from our own personal stories.  

"At StoryTerrace, we understand that everybody has a story to tell, and we want everyone to have the chance to tell their story and share the lessons and experiences that have shaped their lives. 

"When we share these stories, we are creating opportunities to get to know one another, and giving others a chance to understand and explore new perspectives, vital to the development of our society."

About StoryTerrace and Rutger Bruining:

StoryTerrace is a biography-writing service, which puts everyday people in touch with professional ghostwriters, to turn their life stories into full-length autobiographies and memoirs. 

The service was launched in 2015 by Rutger Bruining who was inspired by his own grandfather's tales of adventure and adversities overcome, as a member of the resistance in Holland in WWII.

Check-out StoryTerrace by visiting

by: Mike Cobley


Ed O'Brien never planned to make a solo record. As a guitarist with Radiohead, who over almost three decades and nine albums have established themselves as one of the most innovative and influential musical forces of our time, he thought his artistic side had its outlet and was happy to spend any downtime from Radiohead with his family.

Throughout COVID-19 isolation, everyone has become aware of the supportive and stimulating power of music. Although many people want to learn, they have no access to musical instruments or tuition - especially with schools and shops currently closed. 

Local Brighton businesswoman, Lisa Lepki, is supporting an exciting initiative, The Page Turner Awards, to help new authors get their stories out into the world.
Credit: Andy Sturmey

Barely a year since their debut album Dogrel, Dublin's Fontaines D.C. are set to return with A Hero's Death.
Credit Katy Cummings

Scottish arena rockers Twin Atlantic are back with new album Power - and it's arrived with a dramatic shift in style and tone.

The Rec Rooms is an independent music and comedy venue in Horsham, West Sussex, which was opened by three locals just over eighteen months ago. 

Guerrilla bike lanes appeared overnight on the streets of Brighton as part of an Extinction Rebellion campaign to highlight the urgent need for more cycling space in the city.
Credit Jake Wangner

Jack Garratt accompanies the forthcoming release of his new deeply personal album, Love, Death & Dancing, with an equally reflective long-form visual piece.

Beloved of a passionate fanbase and garlanded by award judges, Tim Vine is taking a sharp left turn from his career as a one-line gagsmith and punmeister extraordinaire. Ladies and gentlemen, for one tour only (maybe), we introduce to you . . . Plastic Elvis! The idea for this new tour is somehow simultaneously daft as a brush and not as crazy as it sounds.

A new virtual high street delivery service is up and running. Click It Local, who's ethos is to enable local shops to be able to compete with the likes of Amazon on convenience and choice launched this week in a mission to save the local high street and help support the Brighton community.
Credit Jamie MacMillian

One thousand five hundred Brighton Festival ticket buyers have donated back some or all of their purchases to the Festival after it was cancelled due to the coronavirus crisis.
Credit Tom Sheehan

Taken from their self-titled debut album, One Hand Tommy is The Imbeciles latest single and proves no matter how strange our world seems right now, it could always be stranger .. 

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