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Monday 19 October 2009

Fabulous Mrs Fox Challenges Illegal Hunting

This week Lush Cosmetics launches Campaign Against Fox Hunting; in support of the Hunt Saboteurs Association.
Illegal Hunting: Fabulous Mrs Fox Fights Back!

The campaign will, via an in-store campaign, highlight that, despite being illegal, hunting with hounds continues throughout the country.

Since the ban came into force, many hunts have continued with business as usual, unchallenged by local police.

At Lush they are on the side of the foxes, which is why all of their 89 shop fronts will be emblazoned with the words 'THE HUNTS ARE STILL AT IT', during this week.

Customers will be encouraged to sign postcards to their Chief Constables, asking them to make the enforcement of the Hunting Act a priority.

On Wednesday, Lush shop assistants will be wearing homemade fox ears and tails as they talk to customers about how hunting continues despite being banned.

For the campaign Lush Cosmetics has joined forces with the Hunt Saboteurs Association (HSA).

The HSA, run by unpaid volunteers, bravely go out into the countryside and use peaceful means to protect hunted animals.

They use video cameras to document hunts breaking the law and give evidence to police.

But most importantly, the hunt sabs take direct action to save animals in danger—they use hunting horns to call the hounds away from a fox, or cover the scent of the fox with a harmless spray of citronella, which will confuse hounds in pursuit.

Lee Moon of the Hunt Saboteurs Association said:

"The only reason the HSA continues to exist is because hunts up and down the country routinely break the law whilst killing foxes.

"We are the only ones who see what is really going on in the countryside, and it"s we who are responding to it by getting between the hunters and the hunted, much the same as we have been doing for almost half a century.

"The hunts are still killing, the police aren"t policing and so we are still sabbing."

Lush has invented a limited edition bubble bar called Fabulous Mrs Fox (which contains citronella oil) with all of the proceeds (minus VAT) going to the Hunt Saboteurs Association.

The Fabulous Mrs Fox, which is adorned with a red fox paw print and contains English essential oils, will remain on sale until Boxing Day, a traditional day for foxhunting.

Why is a soap shop in a lather over fox hunting? In February 2005, hunting with hounds was made illegal in England and Wales (Scotland passed their ban in 2002).

Sadly, despite being supported by more than 75% of the population and after more than 5 years of this ban being in place, hunts across the country continue to illegally cause suffering and death to animals in the name of sport.

Lush feels that it is disgraceful that the Hunt Saboteurs Association are the only ones actively trying to enforce a law that was passed not just with a majority in Parliament, but with overwhelming support from most of the British public.

Hilary Jones, Lush Director of Ethics, added:

"For those that spent years campaigning for a ban on hunting, there was a huge sense of relief and joy when the law was finally passed.

"But that has since changed to a terrible feeling of betrayal when it was seen that the law was not being enforced.

"The public wanted hunting to stop - we believe they still do and will share this sense of betrayal."

Please visit for more information.

by: Mike Cobley


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