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Tuesday 07 May 2024

Shocking Photograph From Inside Free-Range Egg Farm Displayed On Hove-Based Billboard

Animal Justice Project launched a two-week vegan billboard campaign on Old Shoreham Road, Hove, displaying a shocking photograph taken by their own investigators from inside a free-range, RSPCA Assured egg farm.

Animal Justice Project says it has displayed the image to challenge consumers about their food choices and consider going vegan.  
Spread across Birmingham, Nottingham, Bristol, Hove, and London, the organisation's egg-themed 6x3m billboards are expected to reach an audience of over 1.4 million people. 

With striking messages like 'There is no such thing as an ethical egg', 'Don"t buy the lie', and 'Not an egg machine', coupled with real-life images of British egg-laying hens, the campaign pulls no punches. 
While the industry paints an idyllic picture image of egg farming where happy birds roam free in fields - the reality is far darker. 

This campaign seeks to expose and share the unsettling truths hidden from British consumers.  
The campaign's artwork made its debut on social media, sparking heated debates. While some questioned the economic implications for farmers, others defended their food choices. 

One person argued: 

"...when all the eggs, meat and fish is so expensive because you have won your campaign...the farms will close and have no income" while someone else complained about feeling criticised for their food choices.  

Another commenter raged: 

"I have no sympathy for farmed animals, their sole purpose is to provide food for humans." 
With the average consumer eating 200 eggs annually and a whopping 11 billion eggs laid by hens in the UK each year, the egg industry is big business. 
Animal Justice Project's investigations into caged and free-range egg-laying farms have revealed birds dying, dead and decaying. 

Their recent investigation exposed these issues in "high welfare' RSPCA Assured farms supplying major supermarkets like Sainsbury's and Aldi, raising serious questions about the reliability of welfare labels.    

Free-range eggs may feel like a no brainer for conscientious shoppers because the packaging implies hens have access to the outdoors and a better quality of life. Sadly, free-range eggs aren't all they are cracked up to be.   
Ayrton Cooper, Campaigns Manager at Animal Justice Project, said: 

"Brighton & Hove are renowned for a vibrant community of conscientious individuals who champion ethical values. 

"We aim to resonate with this community and provoke thoughtful consideration of food choices through this poignant imagery. 

"Despite the egg industry's marketing efforts to portray idyllic scenes of cage-free farms, the stark reality remains hidden. 

"It's time to unveil the truth behind the 'high-welfare' labels, empowering consumers to reject this injustice. 

"In a region abundant with vegan options, we encourage everyone to take a simple step towards ending their support of the egg industry." 

by: Mike Cobley


Art on the Streets, a documentary co-created by University of Brighton design historian Dr. Harriet Atkinson will be shown as part of Tate Britain's upcoming exhibition, Artists International – The First Decade. 
Credit: Brighton Book Festival

The Brighton Book Festival, which runs for five-days in June, will be held at Brighton University for the second year running.

A multi-million-pound project to restore the colonnade and balcony of the Grade II listed Theatre Royal Brighton reaches completion this week. 
Credit Jo Charlesworth

With over fifty speakers, Charleston's annual summer highlight Festival of the Garden brings together garden designers, horticulturalists, artists, activists, ecologists, writers and musicians to disentangle our complex relationship with the land. 
Credit: Clive Flint

Create Music, in partnership with West Sussex Music, have been appointed by Arts Council England to deliver music education across Sussex as part of the newly formed Sussex Music Hub.

Comedian Paul Whitehouse is to reprise his West End starring role at Brighton Dome, in December, as the lovable Grandad in the hit show Only Fools and Horses The Musical.

A new musical version of Dodie Smith's classic book 101 Dalmatians will visit Theatre Royal Brighton for Christmas 2024, from Tuesday 17th December 2024 to Sunday 5th January 2025, as part of a major new UK Tour.
Credit Claire Leach

Circus performers arrived in Brighton to promote Brighton Festival's Carnesky's Showwomxn Sideshow Spectacular, an upcoming outdoor event which celebrates the forgotten women of circus and the city's history of seaside variety.

LGBTQ+ historian Alf Le Flohic unearths forgotten stories of a gay B&B, a zoo bar, and a legendary farm disco in a talk for Chichester Pride. 
Credit Conrad Shawcross

New images of a solo exhibition by British artist and sculptor Conrad Shawcross at Glyndebourne Festival 2024 have been released. The exhibition opened on the first day of the annual summer opera festival, which marks its 90th anniversary in 2024. 
Credit: Tony Briggs

Cop-turned-comedian Alfie Moore, star of his hit BBC Radio 4 comedy series, It's a Fair Cop, brings his stand-up tour show A Face for Radio to Hove's The Old Market, this June.
Credit Jim Carey Photography

Horsham Children's Parade is set to return on Sunday 7th July 2024. Hundreds of children from across the Sussex district will showcase their creations and costumes made in workshops with professional community artists.

Credit: Hamish Hamilton Children's Books

A new exhibition featuring never-seen-before items and artworks from one of the UK's most beloved author illustrators – Raymond Briggs - is now running in the part of East Sussex that he made his home.

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