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Saturday 06 January 2018

Review: Holiday On Ice @ The Brighton Centre

Lights of Roman numerals illuminate the ice, the Brighton Centre house lights go down, a circular platform glides to centre stage, and a man sat in an armchair watches a video on his projector while a woman dances around him to a romantic tune.

As they leave a pumping club beat starts and a mass of skaters in long white coats with Roman numerals on their backs skate around in 4/4 time.

Michael Buble's Come Fly With Me plays as a single male skater dressed in a sequinned shirt glides around the rink. He takes a single tumble but got back up with a cheer and didn't miss a beat!

Another tune that you'd expect to hear in a club starts. We're treated to three rounds of headbanger style moves with the male skater almost "scraping" the ice with the female skaters' heads (the audience gasping with equal measures of fear and delight!)

The round platform reappears with a piano, and the pianist plays Fur Elise, as a female skater adds accompaniment and deliberately plays a bum note just to poke fun. 

The aforementioned pianist skater takes to the ice and dances to a beautiful classical piece whilst wearing trousers decorated with "girl with a pearl earring" painting on them. 

The Pianist returns to the piano and starts playing the Super Mario theme, a geeky looking male skater glides onto the ice. 

A pretty lady skates on, glares at the pianist as he starts to play Moonlight Sonata; at first the male seems disinterested in the lady, but they start to get closer and she is thrown upside down in a front flip. 

The piano stops abruptly, the audience gasp (they think the show has accidentally stopped) the music restarts and they carry on.

Another romantic song plays as an acoustic guitar sits alone on the ice. A delicate number performed with elegance.

The first aerial number of the evening starts with some pretty Chinese style music playing in the background. We"re treated to pole spinning on point, sweeping in a circle and the acrobat spinning round and performing lots of moves that show just how much body strength he has.

Act one ends with a big party that features what looked like school lockers, being played in a way very reminiscent of Stomp; backflips, lots of lifts and Knock On Wood playing in the background.

Act two opens with an office scene; tables, chairs, suitcases and business attire. Dolly Parton's 9 to 5 pumps out and the skaters show us that work can be fun with the group spin that everyone awaits at a Holiday On Ice show!

Suddenly a loud cheer erupts as the work day ends and it changes to an after work party!

We are then treated a a house of mirrors number, with mirrors and skater moving flawlessly together. The lights fade and Britney Spears' Circus tells us we're in the Big Top!

Once the circus is finished, the circular platform returns and the aerial artists' second number begins. This time he's spinning on ropes and doing dramatic drop spins, which were stunning to watch. 

The arena goes dark and several bars of light approach and you realise that the lit-up skates that were so cherished from last years' show have made a very welcome return

The lights make the moves of the skaters look even more flawless to the watching eyes of the audience; as they move seamlessly around each other, colours fading through perfect rainbows in time with the music.

The show reaches a glorious crescendo with Vegas show girl style outfits, with the aerial acrobat on the circular platform, as a another group spin in time to Coldplay's Viva La Vida.

Time is by far Holiday On Ice's best show to date. A feast for the eyes. Emotive, captivating and delightful fun for all ages! I adored it and eagerly await next year's show.

Holiday On Ice's 'Time' is at The Brighton Centre until Sunday 14th January 2018. To purchase tickets CLICK HERE.

by: Stephanie Keane


Whats on in Brighton today

Stone Foundation's new album, Everybody, Anyone, was recorded at Paul Weller's Black Barn Studios in Surrey and features a sprinkling of guest musicians.

The flamboyant world of Brighton in the 1880s and back-street life of the 1930s and 50s are the focus of two new books from community publisher QueenSpark Books.

Reading the wonderful new Ronnie Lane oral biography, Can You Show Me A Dream?, it would be easy for the reader to be left with the impression that Ronnie's life cycle had been a wild journey with a sad ending. But for Ronnie the journey hadn't ended. The letter had left the envelope, that's all.

Black Deer Festival takes place in the beautiful surroundings of Eridge Park, Britain's oldest deer park, located on the Kent/East Sussex border near Tunbridge Wells, and you can expect an array of authentic americana-style meats, smokey whiskeys, bespoke custom bike showcases, storytellings from cultural pioneers, not to mention a line-up of artists across the Americana, blues, roots, authentic country, folk and bluegrass genres.  

The RPMs new single Let Things Happen raises the bar significantly for this young Brighton band. 
(c) Tom Sheehan 2018

Del Amitri return this summer for a UK tour, the celebrated Glaswegian band's first run of dates since 2014.

Albert Hammond Jr's latest album Francis Trouble explores a deeply personal topic – the stillborn death of his twin brother, Francis, and the lingering effects that event has had in his life and music. 

Sea Life Brighton has issued an urgent appeal for the public to become more responsible with their waste after collecting a record amount of rubbish on Brighton beach. 

One-hundred years on from the first women in the country being granted the right to vote, Brighton Dome has been officially recognised as one of forty-one buildings across England that were at the centre of suffragette action.

Joan Armatrading is a woman of candour – not to mention can do. She gets straight to the heart of the matter, and she delivers.

The drama and magic of Glyndebourne Festival provide the inspiration for a new children’s book, The Mulberry Bees.

Fusing powerful song writing with musical flare, Brighton-based Hatful of Rain combine their English, Celtic and American inspirations to great effect on their new album. 

The UK's first ever interactive film event, an opportunity to walk a mile in someone else's shoes or to fly in a virtual reality world, and a marathon performance of remembered dances are all part of a packed autumn season at Attenborough Centre for the Creative Arts, Brighton.  

A special ceremony is being held this month at Woodvale Cemetery, Brighton, to return the gravestone of Thomas Highflyer, a 12-year-old slave boy who was rescued from a slave dhow and died in Brighton 148 years ago.

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