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Monday 23 April 2018

Liberated: Powerful Documentary Screening In Brighton Aims To Alter Attitudes Of Today's Misguided Millennials

Brighton's Sallis Benney Theatre is set to showcase Liberated: The New Sexual Revolution, the thought provoking film that aims to encourage local students and residents to consider their current attitudes and behaviour towards sex, consent and gender.

The powerful documentary is geared at opening the eyes and ears of today's millennials and the realities of the #metoo culture we now live in. 

The film shines a light on the views of sex and gender among youth, focusing on college students as they party during their infamous spring break in America. 

Revolutionary filmmaker, producer and director, Benjamin (Benji) Nolot, who is best known for his first feature film Nefarious: Merchant of Souls (2011), aims to highlight how pop culture has shaped the new generation"s beliefs about gender, sexuality and violence and we have a world where sexual exploitation and violence has become the tragic norm.

Under his film company, Magic Lantern Pictures,  Benjamin begun to work on Liberated: The New Sexual Revolution, following groups of students as they party during the infamous Spring Break. 

In the film Nolat interacts with the college students, having a front row seat to the attitudes and behaviours that are on display and shows how these attitudes and behaviours have been significantly shaped through exposure to certain media.

Liberated draws attention to the connection between pop culture, hookup culture and the normalization of sexual violation. 

The #MeToo and #TimesUp movements have brought us to a cultural tipping point, which makes the film's screening in Brighton exceptionally relevant.

With sexual harassment at an 'epidemic' level in UK universities, the film seeks to shine a clear spotlight on how behaving and thinking a certain way can have a very damaging impact on others and lead to sexual exploitation.   
Benji follows students such as Shay, a young student who is studying at Milwaukee College. 

In Liberated, him and his British friends are 'enjoying' spring break for the first time and this includes hooking up with as many women as possible. 

"Sex is just a number and just getting it in" says Shay. 

With views from the students including - "What do you mean get to know her, you mean get to know her first name and where she is from and then it is down to business" and "If she's a trooper, once you've banged her she"ll put her clothes on and do one!" 

Liberated is a film that highlights the destructive world of sex that we now live in and will open up the minds of students, encouraging them to reflect how what they say and do can be so impactful.

Loden, a college student from Tallahassee sums it up nicely in the film: 

"Back in the past it would usually be let me take you out, let me get to know you better before we take it any further, versus now .. now, you get a girl's number and the majority of guys are just thinking about sex"

Benjamin hopes that Liberated will help further the conversation about gender and sexuality and the hookup and rape culture we are in.

Post film screening there will be a panel who will open up the themes and topic of discussion. 

Liberated: The New Sexual Revolution will be screened on Thursday 3rd May from 7pm - 10pm BST at Sallis Benney Theatre, Brighton. For tickets CLICK HERE.

by: Mike Cobley


Mark Dawson Photography

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