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Monday 27 January 2020

Zoe Graham: Same Sex Relationship Break-Up Fuels New Single Sleep Talking

Zoe Graham's new single Sleep Talking is a song written from experience, having fallen out of love with an ex-girlfriend and keeping her true feelings hidden. 
Credit Julian Bailey

"I would wake up in the middle of the night with cold sweats, thinking I had admitted my feelings aloud," she says. 

"A terrifying feeling that the person I really care about lying right next to me might have heard it, and the confusion of whether I even said anything at all." 

Coupled with anxiety-induced night visions, it became a frequent concern for the singer. 

"Although these hallucinations are mostly calming, and a source of curiosity. It's very rare that they are scary, but that does happen."

At its core, Sleep Talking is a song about the inability we feel to be honest to those closest to us – and to ourselves. 

Written during a spell of procrastination from rehearsals, the song showcases Graham's knack for elegant minimalism in every element of her work, from playful lyrics ("God bless this mess, it turned out to be a heaven send") to sparse piano and electronic rhythms. 

Still only 22, it's a remarkably mature feat of songwriting for an artist still discovering her own powers.

The track's music video keeps to that aesthetic, a swirling dream set in monochrome that tells the story of her nightly visions. 

Filmed over two long days at The Pipe Factory in the Barras in Glasgow, it was an ambitious project: 

"The idea was to recreate three Caravaggio paintings to act as the visions I stumble across in the dream," Graham explains. 

"After lots of discussion, the details changed slightly. I really wanted to tell the story by recreating a painting from the baroque era."

Instead of creating multiple paintings, Zoe Graham and director Kieran Howe settled on creating one painting that would slowly be revealed piece by piece throughout the video – 'The Descent From The Cross' by Peter Paul Ruben. 

In the video, each character in the painting represents the stages of grief, with each forming an integral and necessary process that the artist must face through her journey. 

Like all great journeys, an end must arrive eventually, before the truths we hide from daylight threaten to expose us. 

"The break up was very mature and conscious from both sides," the artist says of the relationship that inspired Sleep Talking. 

"For me it also marked a final exhalation of truth, as if I had conquered a huge fear –  and most of the things I had been worrying about were all okay." 

by: Mike Cobley


Brighton's music venues are joining forces to programme a series of live gigs to support and protect the city's vibrant music scene.
Credit Mundialphoto

Brighton Fringe's Autumn Season officially launches today, 1st October 2020, with more than fifty events taking place in a COVID-safe way at venues across the city as well as online.

When the Circus of Horrors started in Glastonbury '95 people thought it would run for 25 weeks let alone 25 years, yet here we are a quarter of a century later and the Circus of Horrors is still touring globally.

Brighton-based Carlene Jackson saw the potential of cloud technology early and went on to build a thriving consultancy business with twenty staff. Below she talks about partnering with Microsoft, staff and apprenticeships and how a 'learning difficulty' has made her a better entrepreneur. 

Green councillors joined Brighton residents in Hanover and Elm Grove to create a 'pop-up parklet', a temporary mini-outdoor space with chairs, cushions, a rug, plants and decorations. 

Towner International - Eastbourne's Towner's inaugural contemporary art biennial - hopes to address how artistic communities are recording and responding to the economic, political, cultural, and environmental changes that are unfolding across the world today. 

Two Brighton-born digital companies are celebrating a joint nomination for a national award in recognition of their pioneering support for local loneliness charity, TogetherCo during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Environmental activists placed more than two-hundred pairs of shoes outside Hove Town Hall to symbolise the numbers killed or seriously injured every year in Brighton by air pollution and road traffic accidents.

A community charity campaign, launched last month to support Sussex charities, not-for-profit groups and services that have felt the devastating financial impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, received an incredible response from the public who nominated local charities and then voted for the winner.

Paloma Faith wrote most of the songs for her forthcoming fifth album, Infinite Things, before the Covid-19 pandemic swept the world. Then the world went into lockdown, and she ripped them all up and started afresh. 

Death was a subject that had long fascinated Tunng's Sam Genders; a preoccupation not born out of the macabre so much as a curiosity about the fundamental purpose of existence — but also a hesitancy he had noticed around others' grief; a wish to be supportive in the right way, to say the right thing in the face of loss. 

Around one hundred mums, dads, kids and grandparents took part in the colourful family-friendly “bike swarm”, which began at The Level before progressing down the Old Steine, along Madeira Drive, then west to the West Pier.
Credit Magnus Andersen

Rising Icelandic singer-songwriter and one-time Brighton resident, Axel Flóvent, calls Reykjavík home, but also the inspiration behind his upcoming full-length debut, You Stay By The Sea
Credit Pooneh Ghana

Having used the internet as their playground in pioneering ways for the last six months, Glass Animals have decided to reimagine their live show to create a one-time-only virtual gig/experience. 

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