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Saturday 06 July 2019

The Stars Come Out For A Live Rendition Of The Queer Songbook @ Brighton Pride 2019

Art party-makers Traumfrau joins forces with The Queer Songbook for a live creative party celebrating Brighton's vibrant community and queer voices, and what Pride has meant through the decades. From the Stonewall Riots to personal stories. 

The Queer Songbook: Songs, Stories & Sweets for the Soul is a collaborative mixtape of songs reflecting the queer experience, as chosen by guest singers. 

Each song will be performed live, backed by the Queer Songbook Band, a live ensemble of queer musicians. 

Far ahead of the event six guests have been invited to choose a song meaningful for them, for which creative director Craig has then worked with the band to arrange. 

On the night itself the guest introduces their song, telling us the story of its personal meaning for their queer narrative. 

The guests are local role models, not necessarily singers, representing the whole spectrum of the LGBTQ community and experience. 

This comes from the belief in the validating experience of seeing someone "like you" on stage, and on the inspiring and healing effect that has on an audience that too often doesn"t see itself represented in the media or arts. 

This is particularly true for LGBTQ+ people who experience both queerness and other diversity i.e. age, ability, race. 

The Queer Songbook explores and celebrates queer voices in songs from across the ages. 

The guests are presenting their dearest, queerest song - the song that spoke their truth, strummed  their pain, or lit a defiant flame in their youth - engaging audiences in a musical "Show and Tell" of feelings and passion. 

Riots Mixtape - Songs & Stories of Pride at The Spire, St Marks Chapel, Eastern Road, Brighton, on  Friday, 2 August 2019. CLICK HERE for details.

by: Mike Cobley


Abigoliah Schamaun's almost figured it all out. A former yoga instructor with surprisingly squishy thighs who identifies as heteronormative disguised as a luscious lady lover, Abigoliah grew up in the conservative corn-belt of mid-West America to become an unabashedly liberal London based comic. 

Brighton-based singer-songwriter Hayley Ross is an outlier, a one-off, a self-starter and quiet disruptor who refuses to be pinned down. 

Having been described as the missing link between Joy Division and Pendulum, London-based Pumarosa are a band opening their doors of perception on to pastures new.

Brighton Gin has teamed up with Brighton based artist Hizze Fletcher to create a label to recognise the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots, which mark the birth of the Gay Liberation Movement (GLM). 

The Alzheimer's Society has called on MPs across the South East to support a dedicated Dementia Fund to end the 'financial punishment' faced by people living with dementia

Taking a break from her day job in Vermont indie folk trio Mountain Man, Molly Sarlé's new solo direction sees her making lush, widescreen folk pop with a warm West Coast feel; a direction recently revealed in new track, This Close:

In Emily Brontë's classic novel, romance and passion are accompanied by revenge, ghosts and death — it is definitely not just a love story between Cathy and Heathcliff.
Credit Tom Woollard

Two of the UK's most innovative theatre companies, Gecko and Mind the Gap, have announced a co-production called A Little Space, which will visit The Old Market in Brighton, this December.

One Eyed Jacks was Spear of Destiny's second release on the major label Epic Records. For many original fans this is the band's seminal album.

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