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Tuesday 06 July 2021

Nick Wilson's Early Bon Iver Sounding Whirlwind Of Tumultuous Emotions Precede Date @ Brighton's Green Door Store

From Lead Me To The Water to Yours To Take, people have fallen for Brighton-bound Nick Wilson's exploration of love's predictably unpredictable frailties

It's a skill that has enabled the breaking singer-songwriter to take his music global, but never has he expressed such emotions as directly as he does in his new single Love Can Be Lonely, Sometimes.
The song is the centrepiece of his upcoming debut album Now I'm Falling, which follows on August 27th. 

In contrast to often more intricate or elaborate productions that feature alongside it, the single's sparse structure replicates the solitude of the song, with Nick's tender words supported by subtle autotuned backing vocals and minimal instrumentation. 
"This was the last song written for the album," says Nick. 

"It's my favourite type of song in that it kind of doesn't go anywhere, it just sits in its own space. 

"We wrote it almost like a poem, with different stanzas that expand the same sentiment; love can be so lonely sometimes. 

"This song is a reassurance that it's impossible to have something be perfect in every way.

"Everything has a downside in some way and at some point, even love, and that's okay. 

"I think there's this expectation in love that everything has to be amazing and perfect, but really sometimes it isn't, and that's what makes it amazing."
Nick co-wrote the single with Joe Keogh of Amber Run, with production from Martin Luke Brown and Mark Elliott.
The four songs that have preceded its release showcase an album that feels like a journey through a whirlwind of tumultuous emotions

Yet just a year ago, the album wasn't even planned. Nick had wanted everything to be perfectly in place ahead of the release of his debut. 

But he gradually came to the realisation that the wait for the perfect time could be eternal. 

Freed from over-thinking the external factors that are out of his control, he instead channeled his creativity into his songs that are natural, unforced and remarkably confident. 

The result is that Now I'm Falling is the most fully realised debut that he could've possibly made.
Nick Wilson will take the albums songs on the road for the first time when he tours with Emily Burns in September. The duo will play Brighton Green Door Store on 12th September 2021. CLICK HERE for up-to-date info.

by: Mike Cobley


'Gastro-Glastonbury' is on its way to Brighton for a three-day weekend with big name chefs, live theatres and headline music acts. 
Credit Aemen Sukkar

Jack Dee's live tour, Off the Telly, which was cut off in its prime when the pandemic hit the UK last spring, comes to Brighton Dome on Wednesday 6th October.

Over thirty paintings, some of which have not been seen for decades or in public before, are on display at artist Duncan Grant's Sussex home.

Marlene Dietrich was undoubtedly a superstar of Hollywood's Golden Era – but she was much more than that. 

Brighton Music Conference (BMC), the UK's foremost electronic music and networking event, kicks off this week with a much needed get-together for the music industry to collaborate and inspire each other as well as enjoying some great music and events.
Credit Alexandre Galliez

Brighton is one of the stops on a long-awaited UK tour for Canadian contemporary circus legends The 7 Fingers when they arrive at Brighton Dome to present their hit show Passagers (Passengers) on 30th September and 1st October. 
Credit Mads Perch

Placebo continue to shine a light on the aspects of our society that are all too often viewed by some with scepticism at best, and hatred at worst.

Inspired by memories of working as Donald Wolfit's dresser as a young man, Ronald Harwood's evocative, affectionate and hilarious portrait of backstage life, The Dresser, is regarded as one of the most acclaimed dramas of modern theatre.

On Sunday 17 October 2021 at 4pm in Brighton Dome Concert Hall, the Mayor of Brighton & Hove will oversee an inspirational service honouring the people of our city and the lives lost from the coronavirus pandemic. Entitled A Service of Compassion, the event will serve at the heart of a city-wide initiative – A Day of Compassion. 

Acid House originals turned pioneering electronic veterans, 808 State AKA Messrs Graham Massey and Andrew Barker accompanied by live drummer Carl Sharrocks will play a full headline set at Concorde 2, Brighton, next month.

Rob Brydon has come to this interview directly from the photo shoot for his new live tour, A Night of Songs & Laughter, which visits Brighton Dome on Saturday 25 September. 
Credit Graham Cameron

Over the course of the coronavirus pandemic, Brighton Dome employee Graham Cameron produced a series of striking illustrations detailing his experience of lockdown, the impact of Covid-19 on the arts and his time furloughed from work.
Credit Raving Beauties

Retain those carefree thoughts and long hot days of summer with the new golden sounds from long-time Brighton Magazine favourites, Raving Beauties.

The Slow Readers Club, are back with their latest and most anthemic single yet, Tell No Lies; a synth-driven alternate anthem ready-made in time for the band's long anticipated – and three times rescheduled – UK Headline tour, which visits Chalk Brighton, next month. 

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