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Thursday 26 April 2018

Vinyl Revolution's First Record Store Day Turned Into A Brighton Street Party

Brighton's newest record shop, Vinyl Revolution, celebrated its first Record Store Day, last Saturday, and it turned into a day to remember.

Due to it being the shop's first Record Store Day, Vinyl Revolution"s owners weren't expecting much of a queue. 

They were surprised to learn that their first customer Steve had arrived outside the shop at 3.05am. 

He wasn't alone for long and when owners Simon Parker and Rachel Lowe arrived at 6am they were thrilled to see a sea of familiar, smiling faces. 

The queue saw people sharing friendly banter and Bagelman opened early to serve breakfast bagels and hot drinks and the first thirty in the queue gratefully received a free breakfast.

Simon Parker said "One of the most memorable events during the day was a gentleman donating the last copy of David Bowie's live album 'Welcome to The Blackout' to the lady behind him who desperately wanted a copy for her husband who had attended the concert. It was that kind of a day" 

Danny Pike from BBC Sussex added to the atmosphere by broadcasting his entire morning show live from Vinyl Revolution. 

For the first time in decades Danny played all the show's music on vinyl from record
decks set up in Vinyl Revolution"s window. 

Duke Street shoppers were treated to a window display unlike no other and listeners in Sussex and Surrey shared Danny's re-discovered love of vinyl.

With most of the Record Store Day stock having sold out by midday Vinyl Revolution's focus moved from selling music to celebrating it. 

Five live bands played on a stage set up outside the shop and large crowds gathered to enjoy the music. 

The bands included competition winners Dirt Royal who are a local band specialising in a clattering new wave sound, followed by lysergic psych pop from White Room, before moving on to Scotland's dirtiest rockers The Filthy Tongues, Brighton's swamp blues specialists Mudlow and the ornate and affecting indie pop of Desperate Journalist

Keep up-to-date with future events and releases at Vinyl Revolution by CLICKING HERE.

by: Mike Cobley


Beartooth began as an emotional exorcism. Conceived, constructed, and unleashed by one man in a basement studio. 

This year has been something of a benchmark for the Essex-based artist, with the release of new album Young Adult, a true testament to Sam Duckworth's re-invigorated return as Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly. 

Look Now is the first album Elvis Costello has made with The Imposters since the 2008 release of Momofuku, and his first new album since the acclaimed 2013 Roots collaboration, Wise Up Ghost.
Credit: Tony Tree

A new development will launch at Charleston, in East Sussex, this September, with the inaugural exhibition Orlando at the present time, which will present a contemporary response to Virginia Woolf's renowned novel Orlando: A Biography

Etta James' frantic recording and touring schedule coincided with her ever growing addiction problems and over time she not only sang the blues, she lived the blues. 
Pic by Rohann Agalawatte

Bringing together the talents of Chrisy Hurn (vocals, guitar), Nimal Agalawatte (bass, synth) and Brandon Munro (drums), the band hail from Hamilton, Ontario and were named Basement Revolver due to Chrisy's basement apartment, rather than any trigger happy leanings. 

This month the 'sophisticated and stylish popsters' All Saints will play an intimate gig in Brighton, on behalf of Nordoff Robbins, the UK's largest independent music therapy charity.

Make way for protest singer, LGBTQ+ activist, folk singer, socialist and social commentator Grace Petrie.

Sat in the TV room at The Courtlands Hotel, in Hove, on the evening of 1st December 1973, with just one other guest. That was a twelve year-old me (ed) and a sockless and scowling Brian Clough. On the screen were 'the highlights' of Brighton & Hove Albion getting hammered 2-8 by Bristol Rovers. Clough was the co-manager of the Albion!

Northern psychedelic punks The Lovely Eggs have unleased their new album 'This Is Eggland', ahead of a date in Brighton.

A full twenty-five years after the release of Baka Beyond's debut album, Spirit of the Forest, the band celebrate their beginnings with a date in Sussex, re-joined after a long absence by Paddy Le Mercier, a member of the original line-up.

A follow up to Sue MacLaine's award winning work Can I Start Again Please, Vessel takes inspiration from the remarkable history of Anchoritism to ask if voluntary solitude could ever be defined as a political act. 

In the year that has seen knife crime in the UK soar to an unprecedented level, writer and actress Ambreen Razia, presents POT, which goes inside the corrupt and violent world of inner city gang culture. 
Photo by Delaney Brooks

Sussex-based music charity, AudioActive, has taken a big step towards their vision to establish the UK's first centre for excellence for the talent development of marginalised and under-represented artists in Worthing, thanks to £92,618 National Lottery funding through Arts Council England.

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