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Tuesday 14 August 2018

Brighton's Orbital Announce A Permanent Return With New Album Monsters Exist

When monsters are loose in a darkening world, we need monsters of our own to fight back …
(c) Kenny McCracken 2018

After a live reunion which saw them play to large audiences across Europe throughout 2017 Britain's elder statesmen of electronic music Orbital announce they're back for good – with new music and an upgrade of the live show that transformed festivals across the world. 
Reunited brothers Paul and Phil Hartnoll release their third track from the forthcoming album, The End Is Nigh on 31st August 2018. 
Their first new album in six years - the one even fans wondered if they'd ever hear - called Monsters Exist – will be released on 14th September. 
The album is a more classically structured Orbital album than their previous release Wonky, drawing inspiration from the international political landscape all the way back from Paul and Phil's pre-rave squat-punk roots, right up to the volatile tensions and erratic rhetoric of today.
"When you haven't made an album in six years it just comes tumbling out," says Paul. 

"Because of the global situation I was torn between writing a really aggressive Crass-type album that says 'F*ck The Man!' or going back to rave sensibilities.

You know, let's really rebel by stepping away and actually living that alternative lifestyle." But the idea of 'Monsters Exist' tied it all together.
"You don't need to spell out who the monsters are," he says. 

"We're not pointing our fingers at Donald Trump or Kim Jong-un. It's clear who the monsters are. I've never liked preaching to people. It"s much better to provoke a bit of thought." 
Phil puts it more succinctly: "It's a reflection on modern day monsters." 

"That can mean anything from bankers and The Man or your own demons and fears. The monsters inside you," 
Among the tracks in progress is a cosmic piece featuring an address for the possible end of the world by Prof. Brian Cox ("It's Brian being emo," says Paul. "Brian Emo"). 

There's also an epic state-of-the-planet title track featuring, "Anguish, dread and News at Ten-style drama."
"The masterplan for this one," says Paul, "Is to make a bloody good album. And then see what happens." 

 Reconnecting with Orbital's past, acclaimed avant-garde artist John Greenwood, who painted the famous bulbous and organic artwork for 1994's Snivilisation and 1996's In Sides albums, will return to create the cover of Monsters Exist

Some twenty years after he first collaborated with Orbital, Greenwood's shifting shapes and comical hybrid organisms – the Chapman Brothers meets Monsanto, or maybe Hieronymus Bosch-bosh-bosh – feel even more in sync with an era obsessed with its own genetic monsters. 

"We've always loved John's work," says Phil, "And it feels especially right for this record."
The brothers have a pact. Whatever happens, Orbital does not stop. 

"We've learned to talk to each other rather than let things stew, and it"s much better," says Phil. 

"We used to waste a lot of energy wondering what the other one was thinking and getting on each other's nerves. But now we actually talk! And it's brilliant." 
"It was silly really," adds Paul. "We're brothers and business partners and creative partners, so we were three times as likely to fall out.

"But, in the end, we had to remind ourselves that Orbital is something we"re really proud of and that we love doing it."
Orbital's new album 'Monsters Exist' is out on 14th September 2018. Pre-order here:

by: Mike Cobley


Photo credit: Mario Cruzado

The concept for the debut album from Faith Eliott came about via Faith's interest in medieval bestiaries, which are illustrated compendiums of animals. 

Brighton-bound Sam Morrow's Concrete and Mud is a confident album, rooted in Texas twang, southern stomp, and old-school funky-tonk. 

The Ballad of Johnny Longstaff is the story of one man's adventure from begging on the streets in the north of England to fighting against fascism in the Spanish Civil War, taking in the Hunger Marches and the Battle of Cable Street.  

In 1978, after having sold millions of records and become one of the biggest international artists of the 1970s, Cat Stevens decided to step out of the rock star spotlight and walk away. That year, he was to release his final album under that name.

Creators of stage show Wild, Laura Mugridge and Katie Villa, want us to think about that thing we have all been through, but very few of us talk about, through a bold, riotous and strikingly visual show.

Maverick Sabre's third album When I Wake Up is an acutely personal and poignant body of work from the songwriter and artist and includes guest appearances from Jorja Smith and Chronixx.

Brooklyn-based band Air Waves' new album, Warrior, is about being a Warrior in a queer body in this political climate, lead-singer Nicole Schneit's mother being a Warrior fighting chemotherapy, and being a Warrior in relationships. 

Written just a year apart, Lone Star in 1979, Laundry & Bourbon in 1980, the plays share the same setting, themes and connected characters and, not surprisingly, are usually presented on the same bill.

Ian McKellen is to celebrate his 80th birthday this year by raising funds for theatres, with a new solo show which will play on 80 stages across the UK, including Theatre Royal Brighton.
Pic by Grant

Winner of the first ever Women of the World Poetry Slam in 2008, Andrea Gibson remains one of the most captivating performers in the spoken word poetry scene today. 
(c) The Unthanks 2018

The Emily Brontë Song Cycle is a new work commissioned by the Brontë Society, written and recorded using Emily Brontë’s piano in her home, by composer, pianist and producer Adrian McNally of the band The Unthanks, and performed with sisters Rachel & Becky Unthank.
Photo by Warren Meadows

Being an iconic band is all about chemistry. Be they the Beatles, Small Faces, the Who, the Jam or the Stranglers. It's the mix of the individuals that makes the perfect whole.

Horrible Histories author Terry Deary took time out to answer questions ahead of Horrible Histories Live On Stage, which is coming to Brighton early next year.

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