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Monday 02 October 2017

Review: Joel Dommett Live 2017 @ Brighton Dome Concert Hall

The lights went down, his voice came over the PA "how are you doing Brighton?" and then he messed up the next line of his intro and yelled "I've fu**ed it guys!" This was Joel Dommett's grand entrance to his recent rip-roaring performance at Brighton Dome.

After the lights came up he took centre stage and added: "It's gonna be a good gig if I can't even get my intro right"

He talked about his love of the city: "It's the only place in the UK, actually probably the world, that could maintain a shop called Vegetarian Shoes!" 

Joel riffed about the fact that just over a year before he played this show, he did a gig at the Caroline of Brunswick, in Hove, to just three people but "eat an animal's dick on TV and suddenly everyone's interested!"

At his request the lights dimmed so he could tell the audience: "How funny my show could be if I still lied at gigs" and then sung a song about how he killed his girlfriend with his "laser dick" and shone a bright green laser up at the ceiling from within the crotch of his jeans.

He added: "The worst lie I've ever told" when he lied to his best friend Steve to avoid paying to fly out to his wedding, citing "family problems" as his reason to not pay £2000 to fly to Thailand for the event, only for his family to be at said wedding." 

After a short break Joel returned and pointed out the on stage confetti cannon and gave over control to a member of the audience with instructions "to press the trigger when it felt appropriate, you'll know when!"

He opened-up about the time he tried to "woo a lady that led to a lot of you seeing my dick" (referring to his leaked sex tape) after talking to her online for ages, she asked him to have Skype sex, to which he agreed, he then never heard from her again and about six months later a rather dodgy twitter handle called Celebs Busted UK added him so he clicked on their profile and the bio read "if we follow you then we have naked pictures of you". 

They told him to pay £2000 to stop the picture being made public. He snorted "if I had £2000 I"d have gone to my best friends wedding, you"re not gonna release it, I'm not famous enough, it"s done." 

Several months later he went on "I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here" (where he came second behind Scarlett Moffat from Gogglebox) and they released the video - "shit," he exclaimed.

It was a fantastic night full of laughs-a-plenty and Joel knew how to handle his audience (even when he had to tell them off!).

by: Stephanie Keane


Pic by John Morgan

The music of much-loved Belfast singer-songwriter Bap Kennedy is being celebrated with a new release Raving for Bap by Brighton-based ravers, The Raving Beauties; all profits going to Belfast's Marie Curie Hospice

You know the story and have probably seen the films, now Brighton Rock is back and this time it's a stage adaptation that features a soundtrack composed by the acclaimed singer, musician and composer Hannah Peel.

Straight off the back of a string of summer gigs and festivals up and down the country, The RPMs return with a bigger sound and a new focus.
Pic by Phil Nicholls

UK-based singer/songwriter Sarah McQuaid's new album, If We Dig Any Deeper It Could Get Dangerous, muses on mortality, but it's by no means all gloom. 

Reading the wonderful new Ronnie Lane oral biography, Can You Show Me A Dream?, it would be easy for the reader to be left with the impression that Ronnie's life cycle had been a wild journey with a sad ending. But for Ronnie the journey hadn't ended. The letter had left the envelope, that's all.

On the back of last weekend's gig at Sticky Mike's Frog Bar, in Brighton, Jordan Allen are releasing new single and firm live favourite, R.O.S.I.E.

Jim White gets around. When he's not releasing his own critically acclaimed solo albums he splits his time producing records for other songwriters, exhibiting his visual art in galleries and museums across the USA & Europe and publishing award winning fiction.

To mark 150 years as a performance venue, Brighton Dome is seeking memories from across its rich history. Submissions will help inform new heritage displays which will go on show when the refurbished buildings re-open in late 2018.

Paloma Faith – one of only two British female artists this decade to have their last three albums go double platinum in the UK – has released her fourth album, The Architect.

Greg James and Chris Smith's Kid Normal has been chosen as the 2018 'big read' for children across Brighton & Hove and beyond. 

Son of Dave is fifty years old, and has lived for twenty-one years in the UK, hailing originally from Winnipeg Canada where he was steeped at a young age in the blues-bar tradition. 

The stand-up Jon Richardson is chatting from a rather unusual location. He reveals that,“I'm currently in the Aldi car park in Clevedon.” Who said that the life of a comedian isn't non-stop glamour?

A remake of one of Brighton's most iconic films, Brighton Rock, is set to take place this week on the 70th anniversary of the classic starring Richard Attenborough – and members of the public are invited to dress up in vintage 1940s attire and take part.

Brighton charity Same Sky has launched its crowdfunder for Burning the Clocks 2017 – an uplifting antidote to the excesses of a commercial Christmas. 

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