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A charity project helping vulnerable people in Eastern Europe has been supported by staff and councillors at Brighton & Hove City Council.

Charlotte Overton-Hart is one of six carer support workers employed by the council across Brighton. 

Charlotte said: Carers do an amazing job looking after their loved ones, but they don’t always look after themselves.
more >>

Brighton & Hove Albion footballers Tommy Elphick and Sara Hinton, from the club's women's team, are kick-starting a hunt for England's future stars.
They have recruited volunteers from more >>

Andy Lucas With A Lama In Manali, India

You can find many classes and workshops in Brighton and Sussex claiming to teach the secrets of successful meditation. So when Brighton Magazine heard about some new meditation classes with Andy Lucas in Brighton we wondered what makes Andy's classes different from the rest.
We caught up with Andy and asked him to come out of trance for a few minutes to answer some down to earth questions about his approach to teaching ... more >>

Unlock Your Natural Potential With Lilith Rising

In this group you will enter deep states of magical consciousness through a process that involves intuitive movement, journeying, ritual and honest communication.
It will be a closed group of no more than 13 people in which you will have the opportunity to develop a deep trust, enabling intense transfo... more >>

Holistic Interventions, Brighton

Andy Lucas, Brighton Magazine therapies editor and Brighton hypnotherapist, caught up with Brighton Indian Head Massage specialist Yasmin Vali to find out about her new Brighton Indian Head Massage webpages and the work she does in Brighton.
Brighton Magazine (BM): What does Indian Head Massage do? Yasmin Vali (YV): It focuses on the upper back, neck, arms, head and face. ... more >>

Traditional Thai Massage At Work

Traditional Thai Massage is often referred to as Thai Massage, Thai Bodywork, Thai Yoga Massage or applied yoga for lazy people.
A Thai Massage session has more ingredients than a yoga workout. This clothed bodywork has a blend and fusion of exquisite <... more >>

Open Rituals - The Cosmic Wheel Is Turning!

Come and take part in the cycle of the year celebrations, meet new people and share the amazing atmosphere of these open rituals.
If we align with the energies of each phase of the natural progression of the seasons, we can consciously participate in and bene... more >>

Andy Lucas Announces New Meditation Classes

The Brighton Magazine was delighted to meet up with Andy Lucas, the city's leading hypnotherapist and shamanic practitioner, to ask him about his new meditation courses which start at the end of this month.
The Brighton Magazine (TBM): Aren't there enough meditation classes in Brighton already? Andy Lucas (AL): There are som... more >>

Lynx Wildwood Explains Samhain

Samhain is the traditional name for what most people now call Halloween.
Although dressing up as ghosts and devils and playing games is not that far away from the traditional celebrations of Samhain, these pra... more >>

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